Hello and welcome to IMAGINATION 6’s official site. My name is Taylor White and I have been working on small games and apps with the Unity Game Engine for the past 3-4 years. Going through college I was the “Art Guy”, shortly after college I had started several projects with different groups of people and each time the group would stop mid production. Usually the cause of the group falling apart had to do with work, family or sometimes just laziness. Itching to actually go somewhere with my game design I started to teach myself C# and within 2 weeks I created a small android game and published it on Google Play. Along with maintaining a full time job, I have been taking online courses over the past few years on Animation, Artwork, Game Design and Programming in C#. I am currently the only person that is working on any games you will find under the alias of IMAGINATION 6. I will post the progress and the updates to each game that I am currently working on here.

Yak Runner

Yak Runner is a fast paced side scrolling runner. Collect apples to purchase new characters, mounts and other assets while you dodge obstacles at high speed!

Imagination6 is a single person Indie Development company.

Available on IOS and Google Play


With an Associates in Multimedia Technologies and a Bachelors Degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design I’ve decided to take my free time to create Indie Games on Iphone and Android. I currently work as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer/Print Layout Specialist/Marketing Assistant at a local garden nursery.